List of Accepted Posters Guidelines for Poster Presentation
  • Registration is compulsory to present the Poster.
  • Printable Poster Size: (Max.) 4 Feet (Height) x 3 Feet (Width) – Portrait Mode
  • Title: Font size 60, Cambria Bold
    Name: Font size 40, Arial MT Rounded Bold
    Affiliation: Font size 36, Arial MT Rounded Bold
  • The body of the poster should contain the following: Introduction: Font size 32, Times New Roman
    Method: Font size 32, Times New Roman
    Results: Font size 32
    Graphics, Tables, Images and other: Caption for Graphics, Tables and Images, Font size 32, Times New Roman Bold Italic
  • The presenter will be responsible for printing /displaying the poster and taking it down at the end of the day.
  • Conference Volunteers will be onsite to assist you to put up the posters.
  • Presenters are requested to be available with the poster during the poster session timing and during the review. This will be included in the program booklet.
  • There will be awards for best posters which will be declared at the Valedictory function.
Plaease Note:
  • Best 5 Posters will be selected on 2nd February for Oral presentation, so request all the presenters to be ready with their oral for presenting it on 3rd February at 09:00 AM
Abstract Submission Guidelines
Posters provide a core platform to enable a researcher or a clinician to effectively and systematically communicate the technical results of their study among peers, professional colleagues and the wider medical fraternity to convey answers to problems in the field of pain and enable future work to be carried forth in that field.

  • Abstract Open Date :- May 18, 2018
  • Abstract Close Date :- January 15th, 2019
Submission Information
  • The poster abstracts submitted will be subject to a process of peer review and selected on the basis of quality and originality.
  • All poster abstracts must adhere to the guidelines proposed by the IASP for human and animal research.
  • The guidelines for these are available on the IASP website at
  • An individual may be the first author on more than one poster abstract.
  • Poster abstracts must describe original scientific material in accurate English
  • Poster presentation topics have been broadly categorized into
    • Acute Pain (Clinical or Basic Science)
    • Chronic Pain (Clinical or Basic Science)
  • Kindly mention the abstract category during submission
  • Applicants must complete the entire application for consideration and registration to the conference is mandatory on acceptance of the poster.
  • Poster abstracts will be published and made available to all registered delegates in an electronic format.
  • Only generic names of the medications should be used
  • Tables or illustrations should not be included in the abstract
*Guideline Change* The abstract must be organized into at least four sections. The required four sections may be a maximum of 400 words combined. Punctuation and spaces count as characters combined". The title, author block, and disclosure block (affiliations) are not included in the abstract count. Abstracts must be organized into the following sections:

  • Summary
  • Aim of Investigation
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments/Disclosures: If applicable, abstracts should include an acknowledgement section listing grant support (including grant number) and disclosure of any financial relationship the author(s) may have with the manufacturer/supplier of any commercial products or services related to the work reported in the abstract. Items to include are:
    • Research support
    • Consultant to a company
    • Speaker bureau participant
    • Company employee
    • Any other form of financial interest or support